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For Data Scientists

Get Started with Gaudi

Build or migrate models with our comprehensive set of guides and tools. 

Kernel Libraries

Extensive Tensor Processing Core (TPC™) kernel libraries, firmware, drivers and TPC SDK for custom kernel development.

Debugging and Optimization

Access documentation for debugging, profiling and trouble-shooting.

Habana Models and Performance Data

Access Habana’s popular model scripts. 

Developer Support

Submit your issues, questions and get assistance.


Getting Started with Gaudi: Model Migration

Gaudi: Training with TensorFlow
Compatible with SynapseAI 0.15.4

Gaudi: Synapse AI Profiler 

For IT and System Admins

Gaudi On-Premise

Setup and manage your in-house servers and computing infrastructure.

Software Setup and Installation 

Install the latest SynapseAI® Software, including Habana’s graph compiler and runtime, TPC kernel library, firmware and drivers, and tools. 


Getting Started with Gaudi: ​System Setup

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