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Just getting started with Gaudi? Check out these “how to” videos for guidance and tips. 

Getting Started with Gaudi: Model Migration

A how-to tutorial to make minimum changes needed to get your model to run on Gaudi.

Gaudi: Training with TensorFlow

A how-to tutorial to help you run your model on TensorFlow. 
Compatible with SynapseAI 0.15.4
(Mandarin version)

Gaudi: Synapse AI Profiler

A how-to tutorial to configure the profiler and use it to gather profiling traces.

Getting Started with Gaudi: System Setup

A how-to tutorial on how to setup your on-premise system.
(Mandarin version)

Gaudi: Intro to TPC Kernels 

A how-to tutorial on building custom TPC Kernels.
(Mandarin version)

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