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Here you will find the content, guidance, tools and support needed to easily and flexibly build new or migrate existing AI models and optimize their performance to meet your AI requirements. You can also access the latest Gaudi software to build or update your infrastructure. 

Get access to Habana’s programmable Tensor Processor Core (TPC™) and SynapseAI® software stack with support for TensorFlow and PyTorch frameworks, along with our model garden, libraries, containers and tools that enable you to build popular AI models.

For Habana’s latest performance numbers on our reference models, please go to our Models and Performance page.


Access user guides, release notes, installation guides and more.


Get detailed technical guides to start running models on Gaudi.

Community Forum

Connect with peers, submit your issues, and get answers from the Habana community.

Software Setup and Installation 

Install the latest SynapseAI® Software, including Habana’s graph compiler and runtime, TPC kernel library, firmware and drivers, and tools. 

Model Performance Data

Access Habana’s popular model performance data. 

Habana GitHub

Access reference models, support roadmap, setup and installation guides and more.

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How to Videos

Just getting started with Gaudi? Check out these “how to” videos for guidance and tips. 

Getting started with Gaudi: Model Migration

A how-to tutorial to make minimum changes needed to get your model to run on Gaudi.

Gaudi: Training with TensorFlow 

A how-to tutorial to help you run your model on TensorFlow.  Compatible with SynapseAI 0.15.4

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