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Intel® Developer Cloud

Intel Developer Cloud gives developers access to Intel hardware,
including the latest Intel® Gaudi®2 AI Accelerator.

The Intel Developer Cloud includes the Deep Learning Server powered by Eight Intel Gaudi2 AI accelerators.

Follow these steps to get access to the Intel Developer Cloud:

  1. Go to the Intel Developer Cloud and follow the Steps in Getting Started section:
    • Register as an Enterprise account and enroll in the program by entering your customer information and reviewing the terms and conditions.
    • Setup ssh access and your ssh keys to access the Developer Cloud
  2. You will need to get Cloud Credits by entering your payment information or redeeming a coupon
  3. You can then Sign In and access the Gaudi2 instance in the Hardware Catalog

Please access our Intel Developer Cloud Quick Start Guide for detailed steps to get connected to the Developer Cloud and run models.

This video is a walk-thru of the Developer Cloud Quick Start, so open the link above and follow along with this video: