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Debugging and Optimization Solutions

Access documentation for debugging, profiling and trouble-shooting

Get practical tips on debugging and profiling including using framework tools and APIs (TF debug, TensorBoard) as well as SynapseAI profiler.


Debugging Guide

See environmental variables, common error codes and how to report an issue when training your model.

Profiler User Guide

Get diagnostic information of core utilization, enabling performance analysis and optimization.

Optimization Guide

Learn the details on how you achieve the best performance using the Habana Gaudi accelerator.


Habana Labs Trace Viewer

Use Habana Labs trace viewer to view Chrome trace files from host CPU or HPU.

Snapshot Creation Tool

A tool to create simple or detailed log files for model debug and analysis


Gaudi: Synapse AI Profiler 

A how-to tutorial to configure the profiler and use it to gather profiling traces.

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